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What exactly does 'Apostille' mean?

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When you present a legal document in a foreign country, it is often very difficult to determine whether the document is genuine and legal. In 1961, the process for legalising documents for use abroad was abolished and replaced by a simple certificate of authenticity, called an 'Apostille', under the Hague Convention.

An 'Apostille' is a certificate that is attached to an official legal document to verify that the signatory on your document is genuine and person who signed your document is a recognised and authorised person of the organisation that issued the document. Each Apostille is dated, given a unique reference number and registered.

Will an Apostille be accepted by the country where I am presenting my document?

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We are unable to offer specific advice on whether an apostille will be accepted by the country where you are presenting the document. There are 69 Member States of the Hague Convention who will recognise and accept an Apostille Certificate. If your country is not listed on our Member States page, please check with the country where you intend to present your document.

Does my document need to be Apostilled?

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Most legal and official documents can be apostilled. We have a list of some of the frequent documents that can apostilled. If your document is not listed on our services page, please contact us and we will do our best to advise you as to whether it need to be apostilled or not.

Can you send my completed document to someone else?

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Yes. We can send your document to anyone in the world. Simply give us your instructions in writing when you send the documents to us (we will, of course, send you a copy of the completed document for your records).

How does your service work?

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You simply send your document(s) to us together with our order form and the appropriate fee. We will acquire the Apostille Certificate on your behalf and return the documents to you by Special Delivery. We can also send the documents to a third party or overseas by the fastest Courier service.